My purpose is to inform, educate and inspire those individuals who are stepping out and creating their own businesses and by doing so changing lives.

So, who am I and why should you listen to me?I grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington where I learned to work hard and be responsible for whatever I did.Was it easy, NO! Yet it assisted me to form a work ethic and a desire to be my own boss.

As an active-duty Army officer I learned important leadership skills from my association with great leaders.

The skills, work ethic and tenacity I developed allowed me to start a successful insurance agency and parlay that into a business recruiting, training, and coaching insurance agents.

Over a period of 18 years my career capital was honed and sharpened in three ways.The first was being in the arena daily working with new and existing agents learning what worked and what did not in helping them to succeed. 

The second was taking numerous industry courses on all facets of the industry and on business management.And third was seeking out mentors and coaches who challenged what I was doing.Their mentorship allowed me look outside the box for ways to succeed.

Using the knowledge I acquired, I have been actively coaching small business owners, as well as owners of home-based businesses throughout the world by implementing systems and improving their operations in order to enhance their bottom-line performance.

The three words that probably best describe me are: intense, enthusiastic, and focused.

My coaching style is direct, yet compassionate, and in all ways is directed toward assisting the client in achieving their dreams.

Today, my wife, Joyce and I are fulfilling our dream of traveling the country in our RV, working and playing wherever we are. and spoiling our grandkids whenever possible. 

What really excites us is that along the way we will help hundreds of other people realize dreams they have thought impossible.